Photo-Booths for Brands?


How a Photo Booth Kiosk Can Help Promote Your Business & Brand Digitally in 2023

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If you book a photo booth of any sort at your next corporate or small business event, you’ll notice within the first 10 mins how people love taking pictures!  It’s the highlight of any occasion — and photos are a keepsake of a fun day out in a restaurant, shop, office, or hotel.

A photo booth is one of the best, newest, and most innovative ways to get photos of your business on social media.  You will capture content that is organic, natural, and convincing.  Instead of, or in addition to taking regular corporate pics, you have a feed with the genuine joy of partygoers and customers authentically enjoying themselves.

Continue Reading below to learn how a photo booth kiosk will promote your business or brand through this innovative digital marketing option!

This is an innovative approach to promoting your business or building brand equity on social media in 2023.

During the covid-19 pandemic, people were forced to move their attention and focus online more than ever before.  A survey by Digital Commerce 360 shows that social media usage increased by 72% during the pandemic.

People are using their phones to entertain themselves and keep in touch with friends and family.  More than at any other point in history, it is imperative now for your business to stay relevant on social media in 2023.  If your business remains relevant during the next five years of social media expansion, you have to engage your audience on social media but in ways that allow them to engage your brand first!  Authentically…

In the case of a photo booth digital marketing activation, you can engage customers and boost your brand awareness tremendously through the following tactics and showcasing the following in posts:

Digital Marketing Features of the photo booth kiosks ad 360 booth platforms:

  • Benefit from 25-5000+ (depending on event size) individual influencers marketing your brand or project
  • Videos of the kiosks in action.
  • Reposting their organic posts with your company’s branded overlay.
  • Host giveaways for all posts that tag your company page.
  • Utilizing hashtags to collect the social media data & information of all users.
  • Connect NFTs to each user’s photobooth image or video for future marketing. 
  • Capture emails and phone numbers from all guests who utilize the booth at your event.

Regarding social media, you must be genuine: always consider your audience and post what you imagine they’d enjoy.  And if you ever need help, Interactive Laughter offers exclusive content marketing services beyond photo booth activations!  YOUR BRAND MUST STAY INNOVATIVE!

How a social media photobooth can help you better engage and authentically gain the attention of your social media audience?

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